Musica Gloria Piano Studio


Lessons are given in my cat-friendly home studio (COMING SOON: a full digital piano lab at a commercial location!)

Virtual lessons are also available via Zoom, FaceTime, or other platforms. 

Studio pianos include: 

  • Yamaha U1 Professional Vertical Piano
  • Kawai KG-2C Grand Piano, equipped with a reduced-size Steinbuhler DS 5.5 keyboard.
  •  Yamaha Clavinova CVP 705, Digital Piano

Studio Offerings:

  • Piano lessons for all ages (5 and above). Beginners loved and welcomed. 
  • Piano exam preparations for two international examination systems:
    *Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), United Kingdom
    *Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Canada
  • Piano for leisure for hobbyists. Recreational Music Making approach is available.
  • Chord-based learning for contemporary Christian worship. 
  • Trauma-informed care strategies for anxiety management and students with special needs
  • An adaptive instrument for students with small hands

What Do My Students Learn: A Complete Approach to Piano Education

  • Reading and playing from standard music notation. 
  • An integrated approach to piano technique (scales, chords, and arpeggios)
  • Aural skills, music theory, and music history
  • Playing by ear, harmonizing using a lead sheet or chord symbols
  • Practice techniques for home learning
  • A large and varied repertoire of differing styles, time periods, and difficulty. Our focus on both on quantity and quality.

Equipment/Materials Needed

  • At home: Acoustic piano OR digital piano with 88 weighted keys, and sustain (damper) pedal. Please budget $150 for piano tunings a year. 
  • A CD player or MP3 player. An iPad is strongly recommended, though not required. 
  • Books and materials for the lessons will be assigned. (A student who is progressing well will spend around $100 for books annually)
  • Recommended apps and websites. 


  • Consistent daily practice is the only way to gain piano skills efficiently 
  • The amount of daily practice needed will vary between students (10– 60 minutes)
  • The more effective the practice, the better the progress
  • Students on a recreational track do not have a practice expectation and progress at leisure.

Registration and Tuition

Annual registration fees are $50 per student. This fee covers the student portal access, technology, and studio-licensed materials. Tuition can be payable by the semester or in 4 installments per semester. Trial lessons/interviews are billed at $25.00 for 30 minutes. This amount will be rolled over into the semester tuition, should you decide to enroll. Students and parents will have a login through MyMusicStaff to access the lesson record and invoices. Invoices and automatic invoice reminders will be sent to the parent email on file. Invoices can be paid with cash, check, and credit cards. Cash and check payments will receive a $5.00 discount monthly, and semester payments will receive 5% off. 

A complete and detailed studio policy, including current rates, will be emailed to you upon request. 

Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 Semester

Every student will have a total of 28 lessons and a minimum of two recitals in the academic year. The studio is unable to offer makeup lessons. Students will qualify to take a flex lesson for excused absences (school events with a 24-hr notice given, illness). Unexcused absences will not qualify for flex lessons. Lessons missed by me will be made up. Rest assured that I am still hard at work behind the scenes even if the student does not attend a lesson. I'm saving up the time and energy spent on re-scheduling and focusing better on the student's progress. A 24-hr courtesy notice is requested for absences. Flex lessons are limited to 2 per semester and may be offered in a group, in person, or virtual setting. Missed flex lessons are forfeited. Virtual lessons must be requested in advance because of the set-up demands. Students who are sick should not attend lessons in person but may request a virtual lesson instead. Ad hoc lessons can be scheduled and will be billed separately once the 28 lessons are used up. 

Lesson Termination

One month’s advanced notice is required for the termination of lessons. This gives me an appropriate time to finish up the repertoire and make referrals if necessary. All balance of tuition and book invoices must be settled before the final lesson.

Returning Student Sign-Up (Please click here)